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Chassis King supplies 40 Foot Container Chassis -

40 Foot Container Chassis

A variety of chassis to haul 40 foot standard or high cube shipping containers - includes gooseneck chassis, tri axle and spread axle chassis, straight frame chassis, tridem chassis & more.

40 Foot Gooseneck Container Chassis

Our 40 foot gooseneck container chassis has a GVWR of 67,200 lbs (30,481 kg) and features a tandem axle chassis design. Used for stevedoring and transportation of one 40 foot ISO container.

40 Foot Straight Frame Container Chassis

Our 40 foot straight frame chassis is designed to transport 40 foot shipping containers without tunnels, which cannot fit a standard 40 foot gooseneck chassis. This straight frame chassis will carry flat and tunnel type containers 8 foot 6 inches high.

40 Foot Tri Axle Container Chassis

Our 40 foot tri axle container chassis is a high payload chassis designed to carry up to 75,000 lbs (34,019 kg). Fits one heavy 40 foot ISO shipping container or Conex box.

40 Foot Lightweight Chassis

A 40ft chassis designed lightweight to allow hauling of extra weight while complying with the bridge laws.

51 Foot Tri-axle Drop Frame Chassis

This51 foot tri-axle container chassis is designed to carry one 40 foot container. Popular for overweight and over-height loads, open top containers, or any 40 foot container that must be carried on a lower deck height chassis.

Michigan Tridem 40ft GN Chassis

Our 40 foot Michigan Tridem GN Chassis is designed to meet Michigan state laws for carrying heavy 40 foot ISO shipping containers. High strength steel frame with 9 foot axle spread.

40 Foot Spread Axle Container Chassis

Our 40 foot spread axle container chassis design is recommended for long hauls and highway use. Available in both spring right and air ride suspension. This chassis is not recommended for city use due to tight turns.

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