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Theft Prevention

Product Documents:     Click for Wheel Stud Security Seal Flyer   

King Pin Locks
King Pin Locks

Wheel Stud Security Seals / Tattle Caps
Wheel Stud Security Seals / Tattle Caps

Bolt Seals - Steel with Plastic Coating
Bolt Seals - Steel with Plastic Coating

Single use or Reusable solutions that offer protection against theft, tampering, or pilferage in chassis, trailers, and shipping containers.  For example: 

For Wheel Protection in Chassis and Trailers:
Wheel Stud Security Seals / Tattle Caps - This security seal kit, Patent 6695557, is designed to provide detection of tampering with or the removal of a wheel lug nut. Made from high impact polystyrene, our wheel lug nut security seal or tattle cap functions as an indicative seal (Class I) rather than theft seal.  When the seal is fitted onto the wheel lug nut, it prohibits access to the nut unless the cover is broken.

Depending upon the dimensions of the wheel stud, you can choose from two models. Click on the 'Wheel Stud Security Seal Flyer' link next to 'Product Documents' above for drawings of each model.  Both tattle caps are available with or without labels and in custom colors.  

For Chassis and Trailer Protection:
King Pin Lock - covers king pin with a steel tube to prevent hook up of a van trailer, flatbed, or chassis to tractor

Glad Hand Lock - prevents hook-up of air lines from truck to trailer or chassis

You can go to our 'Parts List' section for a complete listing of our theft protection devices that include indicative labels seals, bolt seals, wire cable seals, and door locks in addition to the above.  
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