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Chassis King supplies Ez Fit Container Doors And End Wall Kits -

EZ-Fit Container Doors and End Wall Kits

Container Door Assembly
Container Door Assembly

End Wall Assembly
End Wall Assembly

If you have a 20ft or 40ft standard shipping container and want to:
* Convert it to a Double Door container (or Tunnel container)
* Cut it down to smaller size
* Make it bigger

Then let our EZ-Fit Container Door and End Wall kits simplify your modification. Both kits come fully assembled with everything you need for quick and easy installation.

Container Doors Kit - all components from doors an lock rods to posts and corner castings
End Wall Kit - all components from corrugated panels to posts and corner castings

And remember that we have a large variety of container parts and accessories to complement this modification.  Click on the 'Parts List' tab for a complete selection 
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