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Flatrack Slide Locks & Components, Latches

Part Image Description Weight
87-4003-2028Locking Pin Slide Assy. for Flatrack, 24", SS pin21.08 lb / 9.56 kg
87-4003-2792Hook, bolt on, 1/2" rod, black0.4 lb / 0.18 kg
87-4003-2976Latch for folding end flatrack5.35 lb / 2.43 kg
87-4003-2979Gravity Latch, folded end down position, red painted4.25 lb / 1.93 kg
87-4003-2980Shoot Bolt Lock, Flatrack end wall, CMCI, YMC10.95 lb / 4.97 kg
87-4003-2981Gravity Latch for 2980 Shoot Bolt0.65 lb / 0.29 kg
87-4003-2984Anti-Luce Fastener, gravity type, zinc0.25 lb / 0.11 kg
87-4003-6922Lock Pin Slide Assy, Flatrack, 30.5", SS pin21.85 lb / 9.91 kg
87-4003-6923Latch for 4003-6922 Lock Pin Slide Assy, HDG1.88 lb / 0.85 kg
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