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Bolt Seals & Cable Seals

Part Image Description Weight
80-3202-2154H-TypeCable Seal, 3/16x12", fixed lock type0.12 lb / 0.05 kg
80-3202-2385High Security Seal, HD Bolt Lock, blue coated0.1 lb / 0.05 kg
80-3202-2938High Security Bolt Seal, Single Print, one time use0.16 lb / 0.07 kg
80-3202-2939High Security Bolt Seal, Tandem Print, one time use0.13 lb / 0.06 kg
80-3202-2941High Security Bolt Seal, Flex w round barrel, serial #0.11 lb / 0.05 kg
80-3202-2942Indicative Bolt Seal, steel bolt, one time use0.07 lb / 0.03 kg
80-3202-2943Indicative Bolt Seal, plastic bolt, one time use0.06 lb / 0.03 kg
80-3202-2944H-Type Cable Seal, 3/16" x 16", fixed lock type0.15 lb / 0.07 kg
80-3202-2945S-Type Cable Seal, 1/16" x 48", fixed lock type0.07 lb / 0.03 kg
80-3202-2946H-Type Cable Seal, 1/4" x 45", sliding lock0.75 lb / 0.34 kg
80-3202-2947Indicative Label Seal, one time use0.16 lb / 0.07 kg
80-3202-2948Trailer Door Hasp Assembly, excluding lock, re-usable1.25 lb / 0.57 kg
80-3202-2949Lock Rod Handle Lock, key lock only4.67 lb / 2.12 kg
80-3202-2950Lock Rod Handle Lock, complete set, re-usable3.3 lb / 1.5 kg
80-3202-2951Door Lock with Key, complete set, re-usable5.35 lb / 2.43 kg
80-3202-2951-1Sliding Bar for Door Lock 29512.35 lb / 1.07 kg
80-3202-2951-2Rod Clamp for Door Lock 29510.75 lb / 0.34 kg
80-3202-2951-3Insert for Rod Clamp on Door Lock 29510.75 lb / 0.34 kg
80-3202-2951-BRKDoor Lock Clamp Assy, 5 pcs including bar4.1 lb / 1.86 kg
80-3202-2952Door Locking Clamp, one time use3.7 lb / 1.68 kg
80-3202-6352Plastic Pull-Up Security Seal, 3/16"x15"0.01 lb / 0 kg
80-3202-6538Flat Metal Strap Seal, 3/8"x8" w serial #0.01 lb / 0 kg
80-3202-6539Flat Metal Security Seal, 3/8"x7" w serial #0.02 lb / 0.01 kg
80-3202-6540S-Type Cable Seal, 1/16"x12", push lock, metal0.04 lb / 0.02 kg
80-3202-6541S-Type Cable Seal, 1/16"x12", push lock w bar code, plastic0.04 lb / 0.02 kg
80-3202-6542High Security Bolt Seal w Bar Code, flat side barrel0.11 lb / 0.05 kg
80-3202-6544High Security Bolt Seal w Bar Code, flat side barrel0.11 lb / 0.05 kg
80-3202-6547S-Type Cable Seal, 1/8"x12", push lock, metal0.11 lb / 0.05 kg
80-3202-6550S-Type Cable Seal, 3/32"x12", push lock, metal0.06 lb / 0.03 kg
80-3202-6559S-Type Cable Seal, 3/32"x48" push lock, metal0.11 lb / 0.05 kg
80-3202-6560I-Type Cable Seal,1316"x36", push lock, metal0.08 lb / 0.04 kg
80-3202-6561I-Type Cable Seal, 1/16"x36", push lock w bar code, plastic0.07 lb / 0.03 kg
80-3202-6562Plastic Pull-Up Security Seal, 1/8"x10"0.01 lb / 0 kg
80-3202-6563Plastic Pull-Up Security Seal, 3/32"x9"0.01 lb / 0 kg
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